Report: NFL not likely to change ‘Calvin Johnson rule’

Tim Twentyman / The Detroit News

The NFL is unlikely to make changes to the “Calvin Johnson rule” this offseason, New York Giants owner John Mara told Newsday.

Mara said the controversial rule — which contributed to a Lions loss in Chicago in Week 1 last season — will not be brought up for discussion by the league’s competition committee; Mara is a member of that committee.


Johnson had a touchdown taken away after officials ruled on replay that Johnson did not maintain complete possession of the ball through the entirety of his catching motion with 25 seconds left in the game. The Lions lost 19-14.

Johnson clearly had control of the ball in his right hand as he fell to the ground, and established both feet and his left hand inbounds. But the ball came loose when his right hand, holding the ball, hit the ground.

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