Terry Foster: NFL commissioner smart to say no to replacement players

Terry Foster

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the league is not considering using replacement players if the lockout continues through any or all of the 2011 season.

That’s a smart move on his part because there would be very little interest in watching a bunch of nobodies and has-beens race across a football field on Sundays. The NFL is not about the logo. It is about watching the best players in the world compete at a high level.

It’s hard to imagine many Lions fans would turn out to Ford Field to watch men they’ve never heard of play. It’s Ndamukong Suh and Matthew Stafford or bust. We are not interested in seeing Bob Smith of Ferris State.

Say no to Dom

Thankfully, former NHL goalie Dominik Hasek made it clear he does not want to return to the NHL, that he is content with playing Russian hockey.


If Hasek hinted he wanted to return to the NHL, every other Red Wings fan would scream to have the 46-year-old clean up the goalie situation and lead the Wings to the playoffs, although I am betting Hasek’s butter fly doesn’t float the way it used to.

There is a lack of trust in Jimmy Howard — or Chris Osgood and the other backups — in this town. The Wings will live and die with Howard.

Be careful, U-M

We will see pretty quickly what kind of coaching staff they have at Michigan as the Wolverines attempt to transform Denard Robinson into a more conventional quarterback. They don’t want him running as much, which is understandable, because the main goal should be getting him through an entire game without getting his bell rung.

But Robinson is what he is. He is a multi-dimensional and dual-threat quarterback. The Atlanta Falcons attempted to turn Michael Vick into a west-coast quarterback and that failed. Let’s see what this staff can do with Robinson.

Pistons’ fan base dries up

This town is no longer a basketball town, thanks in part to the Pistons. It is a town of front-runners. Did you see the number of LeBron James jerseys at The Palace the other day when the Miami Heat came to town? People kept saying how much they hated James after “The Decision.” I kept telling you that would make him bigger and more powerful.

People love to follow the hot name. There were a group of guys who wore James jerseys and red watches to the game. I just don’t get it. But again I do. What Piston jersey would you wear? Nobody. The most recognizable name is Richard Hamilton, and the Pistons tried to run him out of town.

Quick hits

* I got some phone calls and e-mails from people upset that I wrote that the Heat won’t win the NBA title. They guaranteed the Heat will win. Don’t bet the house my friends. You will lose that bet.

* Speaking of bets, let’s place them now: Who will contribute more to the Tigers this year, Carlos Guillen or Joel Zumaya?


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